You are a star no matter the season but don’t you think this fall is the right time for you to do something a little bit different and reinvent your style? No, no one is suggesting you are boring; we simply feel fashion is all about experimenting and reinventing the known by adding a set of fresh and interesting details, and that’s what you should do this fall. Are you up for it? Good!

In giving the current fashion scene a thorough inspection we’ve put together a list of go-to fall styles you’ll absolutely love trying out:

Ace it with layering

This fall, layering is everything. Experimenting with edgy combos like pairing up a shirt and an overshirt in the same outfit may be a bit out there but it definitely screams guts. Doubling-up a top with your favorite button-down shirt is perfect for the early days of autumn and it looks super interesting. When you are looking to get a more upscale look, try combining a shirt, jumper and a blazer for a sharper vibe.

Choose a well-fitting neutral shirt as a foundation for your outfit (you may even tuck it in if necessary), then follow with a mid-gauge jumper and top it off with a single-breasted blazer cut in a suitable color. If you want to look runway-ready, add a scarf into the mix: drape it loosely or wrap it neatly around your neck – either way, you’ll look bomb.

Add a tailored suit to your everyday

Tailored suits aren’t meant to be hidden in the back of your closet for the bigger part of the year; they are pieces of wardrobe-treasure you must immediately start introducing into your everyday. Every neatly tailored suit is a statement piece in its own right and you want to wear it to work, dinner dates, casual or classy outings and other occasions that ask for a jaw-dropping effect.

For years, NYC, London, Milan and Melbourne boys have been gradually introducing tailored suits into street fashion and wearing one has finally become a must. Lately, stylish suits in Melbourne have been the talk: after all, Melbourne men are known to be among the best-dressed people on the planet so we can’t say we’re THAT surprised that everyone’s copying their style these days. So, go get yourself a suit and kill it in the streets.

Switch it up with the right accessory

We love the fashion that’s happening these days: everyone’s wearing everything and anything, regardless of their age, profession and the currently hyped style. With that in mind, accessories of all kinds are having a moment, backpacks especially. Honestly? We love them. We can’t really put our finger on it, but there’s something about a man rocking his backpack or a rucksack while wearing a tailored suit or a smart casual combo. Add a pair of branded shades into the mix and you’ve got yourself a street-style prince. The juxtaposition of boyish and manly has always been a huge turn on in the fashion world and we don’t see that changing anytime soon! Hint: go buy a rucksack.

Commit to shawl collar cardigans

A chunky shawl collar cardigan is an absolute stunner for a man who wants to look serious without sacrificing his hotness and style. Shawl collar cardigans work best when layered with other elements of clothing like shirts and blazers or thrown over a quilted or a leather jacket. Chinos and boots appear to be a better match for a shawl collar cardigan than sneakers, so – go with that.

Invest in an (over)coat

Having an awesome overcoat in your closet is probably as much of a must as having a tailored suit is. We love fall coat options best: knee-length cut in a muted color, topped off with an interesting collar or an appliqué. Exciting! If you’ve been a jacket guy so far, switch things up with an (over)coat. Please. Oh, and – wear it with sneakers.