Social norms that dominate today’s society are quite different from the ones that were considered standard decades ago. While the only acceptable expression of friendship between men was once only a firm handshake or a supportive pat on the back, the modern society has now normalized the importance of love and care in platonic male relationships. This lead to an awareness of the important role actively working on your relationships has in creating a strong, lifelong bond. If you want to gather your friends and strengthen your relationship, here are some fun bonding activities you can try today:

Watching a sports game

Generally, men tend to enjoy watching sports, even when it comes to sports they don’t usually follow. That is why watching a sports game is always a good option for a bonding activity, as you get to spend quality time together commenting the game and conversing during the breaks, over a pint of your favourite beer. Depending on the results, this type of activity may include some barbaric behaviour, but that is, after all, a part of the sporting spirit. If you have the chance, the best option might be to buy a couple of tickets for you and your mates and actually go see a sports game live.

Playing video games

No matter their age, most men enjoy spending their free time playing a good video game, which makes this a great bonding activity you can do with anyone from your young son to your friends and colleagues. The game itself shouldn’t matter – as long as there is some healthy competitive spirit between you, it will always be interesting. On the other hand, you can always choose a game that requires partnership and teamwork, in order to strengthen your relationship while conquering the game together.

Weekend road tripping

If you’re keen to hit the open road and get out of the city, why not take the weekend off and go on a collective road trip with your friends? It is a brilliant way to take a break from everyday worries and stress, and get some quality bonding time with your best friends. You could go fishing or camping, or even go on an exploration trip that includes rafting or diving. Either way, discovering the hidden corners of your area and appreciating the beauty of nature is always a great experience. If you enjoy travelling in caravans, Terra Sportz by Nova Caravans is perfect for road trips and long days spent reconnecting with the world.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a great way to get your adrenaline going doing something challenging and engaging, while reconnecting with nature and spending some quality bonding time with your friends. Don’t be put off by this activity thinking you need to be very agile and athletic in order to do it. As long as you have appropriate equipment and a qualified trainer, anyone can start rock climbing. If this activity sounds a bit intimidating, or there simply aren’t any suitable rock ranges near you, then find an indoor climbing centre nearby to start practicing your technique.


Paintball is a very popular social game that requires a team of people to work together in order to construct a winning game strategy, which makes it an ideal bonding activity. There is nothing like running around the woods and showering your friends with paint to get your heart racing. Paintball is also a brilliant form of exercise that makes your body start pumping endorphins and happy hormones, thus uplifting your mood and making this bonding activity a much happier and more pleasant experience, while consequently bringing you and your friends closer together.

There are numerous bonding activities to choose from, but no matter which one you opt for, there is no denying that quality time spent together will strengthen the bond create a lifelong friendship between you and your friends.