Getting older, to many of us seems a daunting thing. Children on the other seem to embrace getting older. The many who are reaching our second childhood seem to have the biggest problem revealing our age. 

Could it be because we live in a society that is obsessed with the cosmetic appearance of ageing? We see old things as no longer needed, despising becoming old people instead of venerating in the experience.

We’ve all told our selves that ‘age is just a number’ or ‘you’re only as old as you feel’, but how many of us actually believe ourselves when we say this? Only the most confident can truly cope with the judgement of ageing. If it’s any comfort that anyone that is actually asking for your age is just being plain rude. 

If on the other hand you’re asked to guess the age of someone then head down the route of flattery rather than the more perilous journey, and add or subtract generously depending on what the other person is craving.

Next time someone asks about your age or you feel uncomfortable with ageing then remember that your chronological age is your years of existence and therefore that’s wisom gained, your psychological age is growing and your emotional age is maturing. 

Above all else forget about the physical manifestations of ageing such as wrinkling, plastic surgery is only a temporary halt on the inevitable of age. Instead, focus every part of you on not being mentally old and physically young through fitness.