With his birthday around the corner it is important to start prepping in time. You don’t want to find yourself running to the local shop and trying to figure out what to get in a matter of hours. Finding him the perfect gift takes a bit of time and some inspiration. And with the ideas included in this article you will get the latter and will find the ideal present, no question about it.

The perfect cologne

This is always a great go-to gift. But be careful, it should not be based on what you want him to wear, it should be about what his personal preferences are. The way a cologne smells in the bottle is one thing, but how that smell transformers in contact with the skin is what matters. So browse around and see what are his favourite cologne brands and scents, and make your decision based on that, otherwise he might end up never putting it on.

Essential skin care products

If he takes good care of his body and skin you’ll want to show him that you notice it, and getting him a quality skin care collection will do the trick. First of all, make sure you opt for renowned brands, and preferably ones that sell natural cosmetics. After all, it is a healthier option. Secondly, check out if there are any ingredients he might not be into or is allergic to, so that you avoid getting him just that. Finally, opt for the products that you know he uses, such as lotions or a face cream.

A collectible item

Most men love their collections, whether its an vintage vinyl album collection, a car collection or an action figure one. They dedicate time, and energy to finding all the necessary items. So gifting him cool collectables such are quality Pop figures can really be the perfect present. You can opt for one or more of these or simply help him start off his collection. It is a truly unique gift that he is bound to cherish. Of course, you are risking helping him take on a new hobby, but it is a small price to pay considering the amount of fun he is going to have with the collection process.

A vintage watch

So, just getting him any old watch simply won’t do the trick. Take some time and browse around, try to find him a vintage watch connected to someone he admires, whether it’s an athlete or a politician or an actor. Someone who he appreciates. This will kick up the value that gift will have for him. Yes, this might cost you a bit more but it is one of those unique gifts that he is going to cherish for the rest of his life. And that is definitely worth a bit of extra scouring time and a dollar or two more, don’t you think?

The ideal accessory

There are several important accessories for guys. You can start off with an easy one such as a pair of cufflinks, they can be playful or businessy depending on this personal style The next item on the list is a hat, if you get the stye and brim size corect, it can be the ideal gift. Just double check the head size as well, a perfect hat that doesn’t fit is definitely not an ideal gift. Finally, you can opt for a evergreen option such as the belt. A quality leather best is always a great gift for a stylish man, just make sure you get the size right, or leave the option for him to make some more holes if need be.


You can now go shopping, armed with this great selection of gift ideas for his special day, it is time to pick one and get him the ideal present. Good luck!