Going back to the gym after a while is like lying still on your shrink’s office sofa, waiting for them to ask the inevitable question – what was your childhood like? Brrr, anxiety personified!

And while we all know that finding the perfect gym is the first step to us feeling better and looking impressive, why is it that everyone gets terrible nerves at the very start? Is it the expectations? The goals? Is it the fear of feeling ugly/fat with all the muscly people around? Probably all of the above. Still, the important thing is that you are there, you are ready and you’re gonna kill it!

We’re giving you a few friendly reminders of what (NOT) TO DO at the gym and what you need to equip yourself with to avoid being THAT person!

naked man


No fabulous gym clothes in this world will fix the impression if you stink! Sorry, we couldn’t be polite about it – NO STINK ALLOWED.

Obviously, you’ll sweat a lot when you work out but the rule number one of gym culture is to come showered and smelling nice. Nobody’s expecting you to rock your Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille to the gym, but your gym mates are expecting to breathe in fresh air not someone’s sweat. One staple in your gym kit should be the VitaMan Body Spray Deodorant,  it masks body odour longer than conventional deodorants so you’re guaranteed to stay fresh through your gym sesh. It’s a Strong masculine statement with deep sensual notes that evoke strength, passion and warmth.


Don’t prance around the locker room naked sans towel no matter how fabulous your physique is. Keep in mind that the locker room is not your own personal bathroom and act accordingly; while you don’t have to keep every inch covered, just have in mind that no one needs your full frontal.

But if you’re happy in your own skin and want your skin to be smoother, more youthful and healthy looking, try the VitaMan Sea Salt Body Scrub to eliminate the build up of dead skin cells, daily grime and dirt.


We absolutely understand the enthusiasm about finally working out again but you need to be honest with yourself about what you can and cannot do. It’s absolutely okay that you are a little rusty, that’s why you’ve got the trainers at the gym to help you out. It will take some time to acquaint yourself with the gym and those weird pieces of equipment, but you’ll get there.

Instead of looking ridiculous running around the gym with no clue what to do or which equipment to use, ask the front desk if there is a trainer that can help you out. That’s what they are there for and they’ll be happy to instruct you on the way to use the equipment and advise on a workout plan. Ask for help – whenever you need it.

VitaMan Desert Muscle Rub is your must have sports partner pre and post exercise as the benefits boast helping to warm muscles which may help prevent muscle strains and tears and helps to improve sports and exercise by aiding blood flow.


Sure, you’re excited about finally working out and you want to share the excitement with your Instagram followers or give your bestie a quick call and inform them about the process. Well, fight the urge! Such behaviour will annoy other members around you and you’ll spend more time texting than actually working out.

Think of your exercise time as a chance to “disconnect” and enjoy the freedom. You can always snap a pic of your drenching T-shirt later or your killer abs as a statement to your commitment – that’s allowed (and hot!). And don’t forget to apply some VitaMan Body Moisturiser before you get that perfect Instragram for smoother, softer, younger-looking skin and not only will you look great, you will smell great too!


Depending on the size of the gym, unless members are looking not to intrude on other member’s spot, things may get a bit uncomfortable. Don’t do big movements in tight spaces, jump roping or big kicking if the space is tight. That should be reserved for less populated areas of the floor. Also, mind the limitations of equipment usage; usually, there’s a limit of 20-30 minutes per machine, so go on and respect it. Some of your gym peers are waiting for that machine, too – so, be considerate.

Before you know it, your gym sessions will become your sanctuary and you’ll again start looking phenomenal… just make sure you honor the gym not-to-do-rules and you’re good to go!

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