Health is a complex matter and taking care of it means much more than paying a visit to a doctor when you feel sick. In fact, if you only make medical appointments when you are in pain, it means that you’re neglecting the most important part of healthcare – prevention.

From skincare to mental hygiene, prevention consists of a few steps that prevent your health from deteriorating. The first thing to remember is that you should start taking care of your health in your youth. Waiting for your first grey hair to grow before you start noticing the importance of prevention is reckless.

Living in the 21st century entitles you to care for your body and health just as women do.

Soft skin, strong hair

If you lack experience with skin products for men, ask your partner or a friend which moisturizer and cream you should buy based on your skin. Applying these at least once a day will make your face softer and less dry, as well as less irritating to your partner in intimate moments. Keep in mind that beard requires special treatment, so check out beard oils if you want to protect it.

Also, don’t forget to take care of your hair while you still can. Regardless of your hairstyle, the basic hair care is more or less the same for everyone. Don’t over-wash it, and don’t use chemical products every day. When drying it, try to be as gentle as possible and avoid rubbing it.

Regular workout

Yes, this one you are probably the most familiar with, right? That’s awesome, but while this might sound like the manliest thing on the list, do be honest with yourself and admit that you still lack discipline when it comes to regular exercising.

Luckily, gym memberships and even personal training are affordable for most people. A regular workout with fitness trainer will help you lose fat, grow muscles naturally, and improve your overall health. Also investing in good gym gear is a must because they protect your body from injuries while exercising.

The doctors never bite

On the contrary, they help people. While in some cases self-help is enough, in others it isn’t. Regardless of the nature of your condition, don’t be scared of making a medical appointment, especially in the case of the sudden changes in your body, or when you feel pain. If you are younger than 35 and there is no history of serious illness in your family, you may not need to go to the regular annual physical exams, but you should still pay attention to all the parts of your body and get yourself checked out immediately if something irregular happens. Health awareness will prevent further complications and save your time and money.

Be the wizard of love

Regular sex is a blessing for many reasons. First, it helps you fulfill your biological needs. Second, it’s just too good not to do it regularly. Third, it will boost your self-esteem. Fourth, it will make you a healthier man.

A study from a Boston University of Public Health showed that frequent ejaculation lowers the risk of getting prostate cancer. Also, it helps you to burn calories and sleep better, and it strengthens your immune system. To sum up, release the sexual tension whenever you can.

And don’t forget mental hygiene

The tremendous importance of mental hygiene is a point often overlooked when it comes to the healthcare. You don’t have to wait for your 40s to start noticing what happens in the society, following the news, or reading more books.

Keeping up with the bestsellers list of your local library, as well as the latest news, can only boost your general knowledge. Also, you will feel more confident when talking to your colleagues and friends. Most importantly, taking care of the mental hygiene will keep your brain busy and protected from unnecessary distractions.

Long gone are the days when guides to a healthier life were exclusively written for women. On the contrary, Google is full of advice that men can use to improve their general health and live their lives on their own terms.