The wearing of beards has transformed men’s fashion, but of course the key to having a successful beard is to ensure that the very best beard care products are used. Whether you have a beard or not, looking after your hair is just as important. Many men experience thinning hair as part of the ageing process, and the effects of sun, heat, hairspray and dry shampoo can also lead to damaged or tired looking hair. The good news is that you can fight back with the exciting and effective hair care products from Swell.


All Your Hair Needs in One Portable Pack

The Swell 3-Step System Discovery Recovery Kit provides great value as well as being great news for your hair. Inside a stylish travel bag, you’ll find 50ml of Ultimate Volume Shampoo and Ultimate Volume Conditioner as well as 25ml of Ultimate Volume Root Complex.  These haircare products containing naturally sourced ingredients provide a three-step method of achieving a fuller and healthier looking head of hair and the trial sized bottles make them an ideal purchase for newcomers to the Swell range. They’re also perfect for taking to the gym or on holiday, so you need never be without the hair care products you love.Bag_1

Adding Volume to Fine or Thinning Hair

When your hair is thinning or just naturally fine, it’s easy to feel jealous of men with lots of hair, but Swell’s advanced formulation products can improve any hair’s volume and uplift. Swell Ultimate Volume Shampoo has a rich lather and a luxurious champagne colour, but as it contains no silicones and has 97% minimum natural sources, it’s also very kind to your hair making it an ideal choice for thinning or damaged hair. It’s so effective that you’ll find a little goes a long way, and it produces stunning results when used in conjunction with Swell Ultimate Volume Conditioner. This conditioner’s maximum hydration formula will leave hair that feels soft to the touch, and its renewed sheen and volume is sure to be noticed by those around you.shampoo-conditioner

Expert Nutrition, The Natural Way

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy body, and that applies to the body of our hair as well. The Swell Root Nutrient Complex is step three of their hair care program, and it provides protection and hydration for your hair where it’s needed most – at its roots. Simply spray it on and the blend of eighteen botanicals, unique to Swell, can help to strengthen follicles, creating hair that’s stronger, thicker and noticeably more voluminous. Another essential product within the range is the Swell Ultimate Protect & Renew Serum, which adds a sleek shine to hair of any length while removing unwanted frizz.protect_renew

The Swell range of hair products allows you to give your hair the same love and protection you’d give to a beard, and they produce exceptional results fast, creating extra volume and hair that has an energetic sheen. What we at The Modern Gentleman particularly love about the range is that all four products contain absolutely no silicones and have no build up. With over 97% natural sourced ingredients they’re also gluten free and suitable for use by vegans. In short, they’re great for your hair and great for the planet too.3-step-system