British people like talking about nothing more than the weather, and that’s hardly surprising given that our island has one of the most variable climates around. From hot summers to stormy autumns and ice-cold winters, we certainly get a lot of extreme weather, so it’s essential that we have the right protective clothing and the right protection for our skin. The skin on our face and hands is exposed to weather of all kinds, and studies show that this can lead to premature ageing. By following The Modern Gentleman’s guide to skin protection you’ll be ready to face the world with confidence, come rain or shine.

A More Natural Way to Cleanse Your Skin

Some skincare and cleansing products contain harsh chemical ingredients that dry out the skin, thus emphasising the effects of weathering, but you won’t find them for sale at The Modern Gentleman. We place the emphasis on products that use natural products to obtain great results, like the VitaMan Face & Body Cleanser. This natural plant derived cleanser has more than 50% certified organic ingredients, and as well as cleansing, its anti-bacterial qualities help prevent skin irritation.

Protecting Your Skin from Sun Damage

We all feel happier with the sun on our skin, and that’s because natural sunlight encourages the production of serotonin which is also known as the ‘happy hormone’. Too much exposure to the sun, however, can lead to wrinkles, dry skin and worse, so it’s essential to use the right skin protection products as well as a sun screen. The VitaMan Skin Protector Serum is a daily usage moisturiser that combats the free radicals associated with sun exposure, and which can cause skin to look grey, tired or wrinkled. Nothing makes us look older than wrinkles, so if you find that you already have them, take action now with the VitaMan Wrinkle Soother Serum. This intensely hydrating serum penetrates deep down into the skin, delivering the effective and long-lasting moisturising that’s vital in the fight against wrinkles.

Special Protection for Your Eyes and Lips

The eyes and lips are among the most sensitive parts of the face, and that makes them particularly vulnerable to damage caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Over exposure to these rays can create dry and cracked lips, and puffy eyes with dark circles around them, none of which is an attractive look. Take action against these ageing effects by using the VitaMan i-Zone Eye & Lip Reviver Gel. Made from 99% naturally derived ingredients it’s formulated to be used around both mouth and eyes, and it’s also effective against the fine lines which can occur around the corners of these areas.

Revitalise Your Face After Shaving

Sunlight, cold temperatures and pollution carrying rain can all dry out our skin and make it look older than it actually is, but so can shaving. Moisturising after shaving should be part of your everyday routine, and the Agua de Colonia Barberia Facial Moisturiser Plus is the perfect post-shave solution for your skin. Enriched with a host of natural ingredients, including goji berries, it’s incredibly soothing, leaving you feeling refreshed and your skin revitalised.

These fantastic skin care products can help you enjoy the great British climate without having to suffer the effects of premature ageing such as wrinkles and dry skin. We believe that they should be part of every modern gentleman’s beauty and healthcare routine; you only get one skin, so give it all the protection it needs and deserves.