With Father’s day just around the corner it is time bring the gift scouting to a closure. And if you are one of those last minute shoppers and you are already starting to panic, here are some great father’s day gift ideas that are sure to make any dad proud and happy.

For the handyman dad

Every father has that one piece of equipment that he saw at a friend’s house or on a commercial and that he simply can’t get out of his mind. He’ll talk about it on and on, but will always be a bit hesitant to buy it for himself. That’s where you come in. Whether it’s the new drill, an electronic bottle opener or a modern lawnmower, getting him that one piece is the ideal present. All it takes are some good listening skills and beating your mom to the punch.

The fitness obsessed father

There are some great gift choices for fathers who focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. From top gym memberships, to some quality fitness equipment. This type of gift will show your support for their lifestyle and provide them with opportunities to improve on their exercises regimens.

For the fine wine aficionado

Some fathers prefer a great glass of whiskey, other some fine wine. Take your time and find them a top quality sulphite free wine that they are bound to love. Of course the choice between red, white and rose will depend solely on their personal preferences. And if you want to make this gift a truly special one, add a couple of monogrammed wine glasses and you are all set.

The collector

Whether it’s movie memorabilia, baseball cards, stamps or something completely different like car parts, a father who is a collector is not that easy to shop for. You really need to get familiarised with his collection and find the perfect missing part that will be the ideal addition to his collection. He is sure to love it and appreciate the time and effort you put into finding that perfect gift.

For the home decor enthusiast

Fathers who love home decor and adore rearranging the house are definitely the easiest ones to shop for. You can choose anything from an electric height-adjustable desk for his home office, and you can even create a DIY home decor item that perfectly matches the house. And if you still need some ideas, you can always go for designer bedding or some decorative piece that will make his home feel even more personalized.

The stylish dad

Stylish dads are always great to shop for. You can choose from amazing accessories like belts and hats, all the way to hair and beard products.The list is quite extensive, it is up to you to pick that one accessory that is going to wow him completely. And if you are still unsure, you can always opt for his signature cologne, there is no way you can go wrong with that.

For the fashionista

If you are shopping for a father who truly pays attention to what he wears, you are in for a ride. It is not easy shopping for someone who loves fashion, they can be quite judgemental of your choices. So the best idea would be to opt take your time, peak into his closet and get all the sizes right. You can go as far as getting him a quality suit, but only if you have all the relevant information that can backup your purchase.

The reader

A great book is always a go to father’s day gift. You can opt for hard binders, or dig deeper to find a vintage copy of his favourite one. So if your father still prefers turning pages, and the feel of paper underneath his fingertips this is the ideal present for him. Just make sure you get the genre right, because any old book simply won’t do.

For the traveller

In case your father loves traveling, there are some great choices that you can turn to when getting him a father’s day gift. It can be a voucher for his next vacation, a cool map, or a new camera. All of these will show your support for his love of travel in the best possible way. Again, all you need to do is listen to catch what is that one destination he has been dreaming about for so long.

The couch potato

If your dad’s favourite pastime is sitting in front of the TV watching the game or his favourite show you definitely have some options when it comes to gift giving. So fun snack bowls, a beer cap or a comfy armchair will all do nicely. You can even go a step further and get him a mini fridge for the living room, and don’t forget to fill it with his favorite drinks.


There you are, a father’s’ day gift guide for all dads. You are now ready to find the right one for yours.