Getting Christmas presents is a super rewarding experience, but not an easy one, especially if you’re buying them for a super picky guy. But, this year, you’ll have no problem picking out a perfect present for a man in your life with these useful spa gift ideas.

An oil diffuser

If you know he’s never been to a spa, one of the best ways to warm him up to the idea is to fill his home with delicious aromas and let him fall in love with relaxing spa fragrances. Sure, scented candles are great, but a reed diffuser is always a better idea. When it comes to choosing a scent, opt for something classic unless you don’t know his exact preferences. Warm sandalwood and cardamom are always a good idea since they produce a sophisticated and long-lasting effect. For something more exotic, you can choose pomegranate and fig tree scents that will wow everyone who visits his crib.

A footbath

This is a perfect spa gift for those busy men who are on their feet the whole day, yet they always tend to neglect foot health and beauty. So, surprise him with a practical footbath that will not only treat him to a nice pedicure from the comfort of his armchair, but also give his tired feet a relaxing bubble massage. The best thing is that he can enjoy his mini spa while watching sports or playing video games, so you know he will use it. Plus, footbaths are quite inexpensive, even if you opt for an above-average quality model.

A perfect massage

Who doesn’t like a good massage! Apart from being super relaxing, massages can also provide you with various therapeutic benefits and can be used even as treatment plans for sports injuries and inflammations. Also, they are the most enjoyable way to fight migraines, anxiety and insomnia, since they are great at lowering stress levels. If you think your man will love these massage benefits, you’re lucky because spa retreats are getting more popular than ever. For instance, there are several amazing establishments in Sydney such as Sol Spa in Eastern Suburbs where you can book everything from de-stress therapy massages to invigorating and energizing ones. They also offer relaxing facials and body scrubs for those men who love to look fresh and youthful. Basically, there’s a treatment for every guy, no matter how picky and demanding he is!

A grooming kit

This Christmas gift will never go unused. No matter if he’s sporting a beard or prefers a clean-shaven look, there are excellent grooming kits for all types of men. If he’s serious about his facial hair (and cares for his hipster reputation), you can’t go wrong with beard oils and beard combs that will make his face fur soft and nicely tamed. You can also throw in an old-fashioned double-edged razor that will allow him to have a beard on fleek or shave it off when he grows tired of the look.

A large and soft towel

Every serious man will love a new towel, especially if he pays attention to his skin care. If you’re fine with going all out for a good model, opt for something lux, soft and heavy. A 100 percent Egyptian cotton is a great option, particularly if you choose a towel with softly rounded edges and big loops that improve water absorbency and overall softness on the skin. Another thing you might want to pay attention to is weight. Heavier models always feel luxurious and provide a feeling of comfort. Also, get a towel that’s big enough to be wrapped around his body, in case he likes to dry off thoroughly before getting dressed.

Pick any of these practical gifts and you won’t go wrong. Beauty and health are always the most thoughtful Christmas presents anyone can receive!