2020 will be known as the year the world came to a crashing halt, where we recognised our heroes are those in uniforms who kept us safe; than those on the big screen. Life as we know it, drastically changed for almost everyone, overnight.

As part of our TMG Diary Series, we’ve been asking people from all walks of life, what they’ve experienced during #Covid19 , and what they feel needs to change going forward into the new world.

All these stories are unique and individual to each person participating. They give us a fascinating insight to the different lives across cultures, jobs, families, and industries across the globe.

From us at The Modern Gentleman, we wanted a way for humans to connect and share their story, and hopefully, bring us closer together as a global community. Sharing our story, no matter the content, is a brave thing to do and we want to thank all participants for taking part and giving us a glimpse into their world.

When we first requested for participants, in no way did we imagine to have over 150K views within a few days. Submissions started within the first 24-48 hours and we are still receiving them today. We continue to be overwhelmed with the positive response received by the online community and hope to provide more content for the TMG Diary Series going forward.

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We hope you enjoy reading them and if you want to participate, please contact us.

Disclaimer: The views of the participants are theirs alone. The Modern Gentleman does not endorse their views, beliefs, or services, but showing the different stories of different people across the globe.