We’re living in a world where every week feels uncertain. Not one single person thought 2020 was going to be this way. Our TMG Diary Series has focused on the lives of people across the globe during Covid19. We’ve asked them what life has been like during lockdown and what they feel may need to change after the Pandemic. 


We’ve read and seen posts about all weddings being cancelled. Hen’s, Stags (bachelorette and bachelor parties) and holidays cancelled. Flights cancelled or changing their destinations to help transfer PPE equipment. We’ve seen lavish hotels close down because they just couldn’t operate without the income generated from their events or spa-days. 

What if you’re a student and you had a line-up of internships or work experience cancelled? What if you were supposed to start your first or new job, and it fell through because of Coronavirus? 

This is what happened to Dave Martin.

Dave Martin is a full time student from the state of Louisiana, USA. 

Here is how Dave has coped during Covid19:

“My internship that I had lined up for this summer fell through. 

The main thing I’ve learned about myself is how easy good habits are to break. 

I’ve had to work day in and day out to restructure my life back to how it was before the epidemic. 

The industry I’m entering (data analytics) has actually never been better. There are more jobs and projects than ever before”. 

On personal growth:

“The lifestyle change I need to make is based off willpower. I need to force myself to be productive and rezone my house mentally so I can create an environment to do just that.

Due to the extra time I have with the epidemic I was able to read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius which inspired me to work at getting my best self back. Reading books about structuring my life has really helped me use this epidemic to make a better me”. 

We asked Dave what he was thankful for:

“One thing I’m thankful for is having a loving supporting family behind me. While the world is falling into chaos I have people who continuously push me to be the best I can be. 

Another thing I’m thankful for is a savings account so I can afford the rising costs of food. 

Lastly, I am really grateful that I’ve been able to work on my mindset. If it wasn’t for this virus I’d never of had the time to force myself to work on things”.  

If you liked Dave’s story or feel you could help him with an internship, you can find him here: Dave Martin

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