Has Covid19 forced you to start working from home or caused you to be furloughed? Has it been difficult to keep a routine or are you a superhero that’s been getting those workouts in almost daily? 

A lot of us are figuring out the best way to stay positive and productive in our own little bubbles. Whilst the heroes are working on the front lines to keep us safe, whilst key workers are working tirelessly everyday ensuring we have everything we need; what are we doing for ourselves to maintain our own wellness and wellbeing during this time? 

Have you been consumed by the huge baking craze? or are you baked-out? We must have made everything we can think of – and now realising how much we’ve indulged, it’s time for us to start giving our guts a bit of a break. So here are TMG HQ, we’ve been juicing every morning. Starting with an apple and ginger shot and then a green detox juice either for lunch and dinner. Our bellies are definitely happier with us for it. 

Anyway, back to our Covid19 stories from our TMG Diary Series. 

Today’s submission is from Jack Lee. From Bristol, UK, Jack is a new Business Consultant at Akero and Natives. 

Here is Jack’s post:

“I think I’ve learnt a lot about what I can do without. Distractions are everywhere, but having a real focus on the relationship I have with my work and others outside of it has definitely been highlighted as a key element to work on”.   

On change:

“Hopefully we get over this pandemic sooner rather than later and I hope I’m not alone in saying what really needs to change, especially for me, is focusing on what brings value to my everyday. By focusing on what gets you out of bed and spear heading that personal growth”.  

Upon contemplation:

“There have been some incredible stories coming out of this pandemic but what has really stood out is what it really means to be human. How people continue to find opportunity in such uncertain and adverse times amazes me”.  

We asked Jack what he was thankful for:

“Feels like an acceptance speech! But in all seriousness I’m really thankful for all the support I’ve received at work, and all the friends and family that still choose to sit through zoom pub quiz’s with me each week, no matter how many we seem to do”.  

If you liked reading Jack’s story, you can find more about him here: Jack Lee or Akero Labs

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