In the TMG Diary Series – An Introduction , it explained that we had asked the online community to take part in an online series that told the stories of people during #Covid19, from across the globe. This is our first story.


This is Josh Derbyshire.

He’s a Senior Coach at Stoke City Football Club Community Trust, and Under 11s Coach at Stoke Regional Talent Centre (Junior Premier League).

He’s currently situated in Stoke and Leicester.

 Here’s his story during lockdown in #Covid19 :

“In the time I’ve worked in football/sports coaching, the main thing I’ve learned is that it’s a tool used for various purposes. I’ve worked in player development and the talent ID pathway which is a largely harsh area of sport in which the main goal is to find, facilitate and push talent through in whichever system you are working for at the time. The other end of the spectrum is working in engagement, which is designed to use sport as a vehicle for positive physical, social and psychological outcomes in people of all ages.

In terms of change, I think there needs to be a major re-think into the way things are done in terms of identifying and developing young talent as current methods can leave young talent and more importantly young people with serious social and psychological issues which can follow them into adult life.

Personal Reflections

How this has impacted me? I’ve learned massively that just because people above you and more experienced than you may think a certain way it doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. This has impacted on the way I personally coach and look to work, in trying to put the person before the player a lot of the time as I feel that this is the most important thing.

A lot of this viewpoint came whilst studying for my masters in which I looked into the impacts of elite player development on young people, which I guess is what has made the impact on me to do things slightly differently.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have to do the same as others in looking to meet targets, it just affects how maybe I’d react to certain situations whist coaching and working with young players”.

 Three things Josh is thankful for:

The people around me. Especially in recent times.
My job and the fact that I can work doing something I love.
That in the future there’s a chance things can get better.

If you resonated with Josh’s story, you can connect with him on instagram here: @joshderbyshire

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