This is it. Our last submission of the TMG Diary Series – Covid19 special. Today, we end with a Nurse whose been on the frontlines helping patients during the coronavirus pandemic. 


The only way we could end the TMG Diary Series was by focusing on someone who is on the front lines. Like so many doctors, nurses, porters, janitors, and support staff across the world – they’ve all been pushed to rapidly adapt to the increase in demand of their service during this coronavirus pandemic. 

We’ve been cheering them on safely from our homes, hoping that they too are looked after, provided a place to rest, fuel up and have some respite from wearing their PPE all day. 

Our last story is by Moni Patel from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Moni is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. 

Here is Moni’s story:

“I have definitely learned how resilient our Healthcare teams are. We faced something unprecedented and have persevered. We all put our best selves forward and it’s been really cool to witness it on the front lines”.

On personal growth:

“Personally I have learned how reliant I am on family and friends. Not being able to see them and spend time was very difficult but I knew it was for a greater purpose”.

On Change:

“We definitely need to be more prepared in the future. More uniformed leadership at the top is key. We need to be more cognizant of whats important and how we can preserve those things.

I have definitely had to change my routines. I now workout at home which is something I have never done before or ever wanted to. I cluster my tasks and minimize how much interaction I have at the grocery store and other public sites”.

We asked Moni three things she is thankful for:

My pup Sadie”


The artwork above was created for Moni by artist Kirsten Valentine

If you liked reading Moni’s story, you can find more about her here: Moni Patel

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