We can now meet in groups of six, two metres apart to maintain social distancing. That’s apparently what the UK government is advising with the latest Covid19 lockdown rules. Coronavirus cases are still being confirmed though, especially in the north-west of the country. What does that and the pandemic mean to you, though?


It’s fair to say, in England especially, that an individual now has the autonomy to make decisions around their own safety as lockdown restrictions are starting to relax. This may mean those who are vulnerable or who have family members that can’t leave the house are still self-isolating. Or, you may be travelling to work because your employer has implemented safe-working practices. You might even have been working this whole time because your work requires you to but it may be working from home with an occasional commute.

This leads us to our next submission by Niraj Samani.

Niraj is a Project Manager for O2 Telefonica in North London.

Here is his entry:

“Currently I am working as a Project Manager on a Telco Cloud Project for O2 Telefonica and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. It is good that the amount of work hasn’t reduced due to the fact that as an organisation, O2 have gone over and above to accommodate all colleagues during this difficult time, so we’ve all been kept busy. All projects are still operational”.

I am currently based in Edgware, North London (although I hail from Leicester!) and have been working from home since before the lockdown was announced. I used to #WFH 2 days a week, but that has now turned into 5, so one day just seems to blend into the next. What is a weekend? The major advantage of this has been the fact that I do not have to spend the best part of 3 hours a day travelling in the car going to and from work. However, I do miss the car sharing aspect of that journey, because that was a good laugh”.


Thoughts during Covid19 lockdown:

“I think that this period has been a very interesting one to say the least. Personally, I found it extremely difficult to start with as I love being in the office, having banter, and just generally having a social element in my day. Everything, bar work, came to a complete standstill.

 No travelling, no badminton, no going to the pub, restaurant, visiting friends or family. It was surreal to say the least.

After a couple of weeks, I realised and convinced myself that as we were in this for the long run, I had to change my mindset. I changed my routine, started running and exercising daily. I also (for the first time in my life) started cooking Indian food and trying out different recipes. And surprisingly, it was edible, so I have repeated that exercise!

Personally, I think whilst it has been difficult, I genuinely believe that has been a time of reflection for everyone. And most of us have realised that it has been more beneficial than not. I have used this time to better myself, improve my health, my skills, and my overall mindset”.

Looking to the future:

“Going forward, I’d like to hope that we just don’t go back to our old routines and habits, as this is easily done. It is important that we maintain the individual and collective progress we have made. I think that the ‘office’ working landscape has changed forever.

Many businesses have realised that they can function just as well, if not better, with higher levels of productivity, by allowing colleagues to work from home. They are saving on office costs, travel, and business expenses.

I believe we’ll see a lot of empty office blocks in city centres across the UK. Rents will then have to drop to entice businesses back in, and the cycle will begin again. Everything is cyclical. But this will take years”.


Collective thoughts:

“Overall, I hope that we collectively realise that our time here is limited and we should learn to look to the positives in life and grasp the opportunities that come our way. Life is too short for drama-and we sure have a lot of that in the world at present”.


We asked Niraj three things he was thankful for:

“From a perspective of gratitude, I’m truly grateful for the following:

  • My parent’s flight from India being cancelled on Mar 22. They are still out there and have been since Oct 2019, as they spend each winter there. This time it’ll be Summer too!

  • Friends & Family. They have been the pillar of support and strength and just the knowledge of being able to call on them is just great. And I’ve also re-connected with those I’d lost touch with.

  • It’s amazing that each day brings a new challenge or a new opportunity. It all depends on how you view that what is presented to you. Time offers both reflection and opportunity”.


Final contemplations:

“So overall, whilst it has been a challenging time, personally it has been both reflective and rewarding. It has taught me to prioritise myself. Professionally, I have had time to learn new things that have helped me enhance my skillset. Having said that, I can’t wait to return some kind of new ‘normal’ whenever and whatever that may be”.


“Thanks to Rajvee for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you”.


If you liked reading Niraj’s story, you can find more about him here:
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