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As part of our TMG Diary Series , we’ve been exploring stories of individuals from all walks of life during #Covid19. Each story provides a little insight into the lives of someone and what they have experienced during this Pandemic. For some, it may even mean to try things differently post-Covid.


Our first submission was from a football coach, Josh Derbyshire, and our second story was by a nurse aid and current stay-at-home Mom, Naomi Archer-Paget.

Today, however, we have a short, but self-reflective piece by Rob Spence.

Rob takes on a more industry approach as he’s the Managing Director of Paragon Sales Solutions, but if you follow his Instagram, you can see the crazy things he does to keep his kids entertained during lockdown.

This is Rob’s story:

“I’m from the best city in the world; Leicester.

During this period, I have seen just how close we truly all are. I think in ’normal’ life we seem to walk around in our own bubbles. However, I think what this whole situation has shown is that communities are stronger when we all take care of one another.

The same can be said for business; this whole situation has proved my theory that business doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘dog eat dog’ and competition must be fierce. It has proven that the whole world works more effectively if we work together and support one another.

I would like to see this whole sense of community spirit to continue long after this situation passes. It will be nice to see neighbours supporting one another, communities coming together and businesses collaborating for a stronger future.

On a personal level, I have recognised that I sometimes put too much pressure on myself to succeed and achieve. The slower times we now face has allowed me to come to terms with who I am and to be more grateful for the situations I find myself in”.

We asked Rob for three things he was grateful for:
  • My Children
  • My Career
  • My Friends

If you want to learn more about Rob, head over to to learn more about Paragon, or you can follow his personal social channels: @robjohnspence for both Instagram and Twitter.

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