#Covid19 has affected us all in different ways over the past few months. As cliché as that sounds, this Pandemic has changed the way all of us work, even those on the front lines. 


Especially so, industries have had to adapt the way they work rapidly. One way that we are all seeming to be working, is remotely. Some of us have been furloughed, home-schooling whilst working from home, or you’ve been working under different conditions to keep the public safe. 

One thing for sure is that every household has their own story, and we created the  TMG Diary Series especially for this reason. Everyone deserves for their story to be heard during coronavirus. It may be long, short, written or video – but it gives an insight into the personal reflections each person has gone through during this time. 

If you have missed the other stories, you can access them here on our Lifestyle section. Our first story was from a football coach called Josh Derbyshire, our second by  Naomi Archer-Paget: a nurse aid and stay-at-home Mom. Our third submission was by a business owner, Rob Spence. All different. All unique. 

Which brings us to our next submission by Shaheen Mamun. 

Shaheen Mamun comes from Central London, UK. He talks about how the coronavirus has affected both this work and personal life. 

This is Shaheen’s story:

“I am the Co-Founder, Director, and Solicitor at the Black Antelope Group. We provide Business to Business services in the Legal, Coaching, and Consultancy Sector. There is a unique focus from us on diversity and equal opportunities which has brought significant recognition. 

The culture of remote working is fast becoming the norm for most businesses. There are occasions when remote working is a necessity, for example when there are travel problems, bad weather, power outages, office closures or health issues as is applicable during the current COVID-19 pandemic.   

Forward thinking firms such as us, were implementing remote working policies before the COVID-19 pandemic. Even more so now to ensure business continuity and productivity. We’re empowering colleagues to continue performing casework remotely and managing business operations as usual. 

Implementing the correct technology is one factor that is playing a vital part in helping to facilitate this move to working from home for myself and my colleagues. This is more important than ever and cannot be stressed highly!  

 We asked Shaheen three things he was thankful for:
  • My Family 

They have been my backbone. I am where I am today because of them. They provide me with daily inspiration to pursue my goals. It is always welcoming when your family are happy to support you, during good and bad times. Their help cannot go unappreciated. The small things matter a lot to me, and I am thankful for them.   

  • My Team

My team at work (as cliché as it sounds) are literally my second family. They have been working hard during the COVID-19 pandemic and are big on pushing through the values of our company in promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

I am always grateful to them and it is always a delight to see them daily (hopefully soon again!).   

  •  My Friends 

Some of the closest people around you can help to push you in ensuring you have that drive to succeed further and that is the case with me. Throughout education and in work, these friends have provided me with motivation to question my aims further and to stay on my toes. 

Without them, I would not know where I would be today”.    

If you connected with Shaheen’s story, you can learn more about him and his company here: www.the-ba-group.com 

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Disclaimer: The views of the participants are theirs alone. The Modern Gentleman does not endorse their views, beliefs, or services, but showing the different stories of different people across the globe.