This is the penultimate submission of the TMG Diary Series – Covid19 special. Stories from the online community across the world, providing us with a little insight into lives and their experiences during coronavirus. 


We’ve come across many themes from everyone who has submitted their stories so far. We’ve had business owners, creatives, mothers, nurse aids, students and more. 

They’ve touched on how it’s been a time where people have had a chance to self-reflect on what is most important to them. How they’re remaining active, productive and positive each day under lockdown. 

One of the issues we haven’t mentioned are those who were preparing to move to a new home. Were you getting ready for a fresh start in a new place? Preparing to purchase your first home or a bigger home for your family? Were you getting ready to start living in a new place for a job? Have you now had to pushback your plans due to the Pandemic? Here in the UK, they’ve adapted by providing virtual tours of houses and providing online consultations. 

This brings us to our penultimate submission by Travis Potter. 

Travis is a Learning Leader from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 

Here is Travis’ story:

“I am a learning leader who creates and facilitates training programs for companies looking to make an uptick in performance and habit through interactive learning experiences”.

On industry:

“Through the pandemic I have learned that this Coronavirus situation is a game changer. Some industries are booming, but many are feeling its effects. 

We cannot simply return to business as usual once this is over. The companies and individuals who realize the importance of adaptability will have a leg up going forward. Additionally, I learned that I did not have adequate workspace in my current home to effectively work from home”. 

On change:

“I have sold my home and will be better prepared when I move into my new space.  What needs to change is the outdated management concept of I need my staff in the same room so that I can manage them. Leaders were previously very hesitant of allowing staff to work from home out of mistrust. 

Leaders will have a difficult time mandating that staff return to the office once this is over now that they have a taste of working from home and they have justification that it works”.  

We asked Travis three things he was thankful for:

“Three things to be thankful for are technology, my network, and my health. 

I couldn’t imagine going through quarantine during the 1918 Flu Pandemic. 

The ability we have at our fingertips to stay informed, entertained, and employed wouldn’t happen this seamlessly a hundred years ago”.

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Disclaimer: The views of the participants are theirs alone. The Modern Gentleman does not endorse their views, beliefs, or services, but showing the different stories of different people across the globe.